Why LVP Click?

LVP can be installed on any level of any home- including bathrooms and laundry rooms!

  • Waterproof and moisture proof- Ok to wet mop!
  • Extremely stable
  • Fiberglass core layer
  • Perfect for large areas (commercial)- no transitions needed
  • Can go through doorways with no transitions
  • ¼ perimeter allows for standard shoe molding
  • No underlayment
  • No adhesive necessary making it cost efficient
  • Quiet and soft underfoot
  • Realistic wood visuals
  • A true DIY product- easy to install; no glue, no mess, no additional tools needed
  • Floating installation helps subfloor imperfections


How do you prepare for installing LVP?

The subfloor must be dry, clean, flat and solid. LVP can be installed over any existing floor surface except carpet, but if the grout joints in ceramic tile are too wide leveling maybe necessary to make the surface flush. Do not install LVP on slopes. Always refer to your installation instructions before installing.

What is LVP constructed of?

LVP made up of a transparent wear layer, a patterned image, a fiberglass core, and a support base. Each plank has an UV- cured urethane finish. The UV urethane finish process ensures non-yellowing over time, and withstands abrasion and foot traffic, even in commercial settings.

How do I clean my Luxury Vinyl Plank?

The most effective way to care for your Luxury Vinyl Plank floor is regular light maintenance opposed to periodical heavy cleaning. You can clean your floor by sweeping, mopping or dry vacuuming.  Always be sure to clean all excess water to avoid slips and falls. Do not use soap based detergents, caustic cleaners or abrasive cleaners.

Can I place a mat or rug over my Luxury Vinyl Plank?

Yes, it must be a colorfast mat.

Will my furniture scratch my new floor?

Yes, always use non staining pads to prevent indentations and scratches.

Can I refinish my Luxury Vinyl Plank floors?

Yes, your urethane top coat finish can be recoated. Always contact a flooring professional before under taking this process.

Is PVC or a urethane finish better?

A urethane finish helps repel stains and prevents fading.

Do I need to Acclimate?

Yes, LVP needs to acclimate for at least 48 hours before installation.