Where can laminate floor be installed?       

  • Laminate flooring is an extremely versatile flooring product and can be installed in any room of your home. It can be installed above or below ground, over wood, concrete, vinyl or tile as long as the subfloor is flat.

How is laminate floor installed?      

  • Laminate is installed by a floating or glue less method. The boards are installed over an underlayment, and then connected by means of tongue-and-groove boards. Laminate can be placed on almost any surface without a lot preparation. This product is ideal for DIYers.

Can Laminate flooring be installed over my existing floor?            

  • Yes, Laminate flooring can be installed over almost any existing floor in the home. You must have a structurally sound, dry, clean and flat sub-straight. Laminate flooring can be placed over existing floors made of ceramic, concrete, sheet goods, tile, vinyl and wood. Always refer to your installation guide or contact the manufacture before installation.

How do I clean laminate floor?        

  • One reason people choose laminate floors over wood is because they are easier to maintain. Laminate floors can simply be cleaned with a broom, a dust mop or any floor cleaner specifically designated to clean laminate floor. 

What are the advantages of laminate flooring over wood flooring?

  • Cost– Laminate flooring can be as much as half the price of traditional wood floors.
  • Installation – Laminate is designed for the ease of installation and is a great product for DYI. In contrast to Hardwood floor installation where it takes a certain amount of expertise to install.
  • Easy to maintain – No expensive waxes or oils needed. Easy to clean with approved cleaner or a simple broom or dust mop.
  • Extremely durable – Stain and scratch resistant.  However, it will scratch and dent.
  • Easy to repair – Laminate floors do not require adhesive and usually use a click or locking system when installing. This makes repair much easier than your traditional wood floor.
  • No adhesive needed.

Why Laminate Floors

  • It realistically reproduces the look of wood, stone and a multitude of natural looking flooring materials.

Can you install a floating floor on your stairs?

  • Yes, it is always important to glue your laminate floors directly to your stairs without using an underlayment (Pad). Always refer to your installation guide or contact the manufacturer before installation.

Can Laminate floors be refinished?

  • No, due to the make-up (structure) of the product it cannot by sanded or recoated.